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Rhodes Aquarium
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Rhodes Town
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Old Town
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Old town - Rhodes city:
The Medieval Town - The Castle of Knights.
A living monument to the past it must be nearly unique in Europe, if not the world. Even the visitor, whose stay in Rhodes is for no more than a few hours, should not neglect to walk round it.
• The Acropolis of Rhodes
The ancient Acropolis of Rhodes is to be found in the district of Ag. Stefanos (Monte Smith). Here you can see the ruins of temples to Athena Polias and Pythian Apollo. A lower level contains the ancient 2nd century BC stadium with the old theatre close by. Also in the area there are some curious caves where nymphs were once worshipped. As stands to reason, the view is superb. Last, but not least, the New Town and Rodini Park are sights that could also be seen in Rhodes city.
Here there were medicinal springs (no longer in operation), which a few years ago were popular with devotees of this form of therapy. The installations are worth seeing, however, and there are plans to renovate them. There is good swimming to be had in the nearby coves.
Epta Piges
Epta Piges (Seven Springs) is an attractive, green gorge, where springs that never dry, even in the height of summer, form a little lake.
A visit to Lindos is an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere of the village, whether we enjoy it from high on the acropolis with its view over the ocean, the island and the two natural harbours, or in its narrow lanes with their taste of the old culture of the Aegean, provides an incomparable rest from the rush and bustle of the 'civilization' we are all so used to.
Prasonisi, which is actually an island, is connected to the main body of Rhodes by a sandbank of about 1000 m long. Depending on the direction of the wind, the sea on one side of the bank will be rough and that on the other calm.
Valley of Butterflies (Petaloudes)
Thousands of butterflies, in Rhodes, may be seen in the Valley from June to September.
• Kamiros
The ruins of Ancient Kamiros have been called the Pompeii of Greece.
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